Summer Fun on Cumberland County Water Trails

June 29, 2019

The long days of summer and humidity in Pennsylvania can make even the most avid of outdoors-persons say "Let's stay in, it's just too hot". If you find yourself stuck inside & longing for adventure, but just the thought of hiking makes you overheat, we here at Pheasant Field Bed & Breakfast have the solution: water trails! An extraordinary chance to explore nature by boat, there are two main trails that run near us. At Pheasant Field B&B we love to serve visitors exploring our beautiful county, so we provide transportation to the water trails from the Inn.

But wait, what is a water trail?

A water trail is just like a hiking trail but for boating, complete with access points, campsites, and places of interest along the way. Water trails started being developed as a way to encourage visitors to explore and admire the beauty of local rivers. The water trails here in south-central Pennsylvania run along three main routes:

The guides for these trails give so much good information! Many cover a local history of the river, including little historical details such as how many of the rivers provide water to residential and commercial areas all over Pennsylvania! They also include helpful tips about the trail, docking, and water safety practices.

Woman smiling in a canoe on a river

So grab your kayak, canoe, rowboat, or even small motorboat and come on down. Remember to #BookDirect through Pheasant Field Bed and Breakfast for a warm bed and exceptional breakfast before you hit the trail!