Horse Hotel Accommodations in Central Pennsylvania

$25/horse per day

Enjoy vacation lodging at our B&B while traveling with your horse through the Carlisle/Harrisburg area. Pheasant Field Bed and Breakfast provides overnight horse boarding in our ‘Horse Hotel’. Horse areas and accommodations are clean, safe and maintained daily. We have two paddocks with run-in shelters and three guest stalls. A large parking area close to the paddocks will accommodate several trailers and allows ample room to offload horses easily with only a short walk to their overnight accommodation. Our stalls and run-in sheds have clean sawdust floors. Water buckets are in all stalls and paddocks, and a wheelbarrow is available. Owners must use their own feed tubs, and we ask and appreciate the use of hay nets.

Travelers with horses opting to stay overnight in a trailer will be charged $40.  Electric hookup is available.

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Negative Coggins document is mandatory upon check-in.
Stall sizes: Stall #1 – 10×10, Stall #2 – 10×12, Stall #3 – 12×18
Paddock: Large – 66’x146’ with 12’x18’ Run-in Shed
Paddock: Small – 38’x92’ with 12’x18’ Run-in Shed